Habshi Halwa


Our Habshi Halwa has a history as rich as the halwa itself. Humayun, the Mughal emperor tasted our halwa whilst in exile in Persia. He loved the halwa so much that he asked our ancestors to migrate to India as he regained control of his empire in India.

For the next 300 years, we remained the royal sweet makers of Mughal emperors and our Habshi halwa was made for sole consumption of the Mughal nobility.

It was later in 1835 that we opened our first shop at Ghanta Ghar in Dehli.

Such was the popularity of this Halwa in India that Queen Victoria, the Empress of India at that time, also relished our Habshi Halwa.

Mirza Ghalib, who lived nearby in Ballimaran, Dehli, was a loyal customer and loved our Habshi Halwa.

To this day, Feroz Ahmed, son of Hanif Ahmed – the apprentice who learned to make Habshi halwa under tutelage of Sheikh Abdul Khaliq, runs a shop at Ballimaran in Dehli where he sells our famous Habshi halwa.

Our Habshi halwa does not just taste sublime but every bite will transport you to an era of nobility, majesty and grandiosity.

Rest assured, as in case of Humayun, it will bring you back for more.

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