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Mithai Rs. 680/KG
Cham Cham – All Varieties
Qalaqand Chashnee
Burfee – All Varieties
Gulab Jamun
Kala Jamun
Ladoo Moti Choor
Ladoo Basin
Ladoo Mawa Boondee
Badayon Paera
Golden Paera
Pan Paera
Patisa – All Varieties
Moti Pak
Baloo Shahi
Maysoo Pak
Golden Qalaqand
Peanut Butter Burfee
Malaee Khaaja
Pistachio Rolls

Special Mithai

Special Ladoo Rs. 880/KG
Shahi Panjeeri Rs. 880/KG
Zaafrani Ladoo Rs. 1000/KG
Zaafrani Peda Rs. 1000/KG
Kajoo Kutlee Rs. 1800/KG
Pistachio Loz Rs. 2440/KG


Habshi Halwa Rs. 880/KG
Sohan Halwa Rs. 880/KG
Sohan Thal Rs. 880/KG
Injeer Halwa Rs. 880/KG
Almond Halwa (Badam Pak) Rs. 880/KG
Pistachio Halwa (Pista Pak) Rs. 880/KG
Karachi Halwa Rs. 880/KG
Chilghoza Halwa Rs. 1600/KG

We prepare over 250 varieties of Mithai, many of which are prepared on orders. So, if there is any Mithai variety you do not see here, you can still contact us and we can make it for you!